If you are looking for a pet and not yet decided

what do you want a dog or a cat you should

look out for a bengal cat,

because it's a very special breed

About As
Our cattery appeared thanks to a child´s dream. First mine and then my daughters´! As long as I can remember myself I have always surrounded myself with animals and have always had a special fondness for

Bengal cats make you feel like you live in the wild but without the risks ????

Our goal is to nurture and develop the brightest representatives of the breed with gorgeous color, predatory type and soft temperament.

That’s why we choose the brightest and most special cats for selection. You will find first-class examples of the Bengal breed in our cattery. Exclusive color, health and easygoing temperament are basic principles of Bengal Best.

Since a very early age our kittens are trained to use litter tray and scratching posts as well as to walk on a leash. Once you make friends with a kitten from Bengal Best cattery you may never drift apart even for an hour!

Bengal Best graduates live on different continents and in such countries as USA, UAE, Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Bali, Singapore and lots of others, we personally manage their delivery. Thus we can be sure they will be all right. ☺️
How to raise a psychologically healthy cat adapted to further full and big life? Nowadays most people have a very active life, we love to travel, spend a lot of time away from home and some of us have a job that involves frequent business travel and flights… 
What color do you prefer?
We make a worldwide delivery, we prefer to make it by ourselves, in this case kittens travel to the new families without any stress and we can be sure that they will come healthy and calm!
love bengal cats
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